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Welcome to the CT West website. CT West offers products and services for the transportation industry. CT West prides itself in providing a level of service to its customers that is second to none. In an industry that is ever changing, customers need technology partners that can guide them through the complexities of today's market. At CT West, we are committed to being that technology partner for our customer. That committment is exemplified in the following testimonial from one of our customers:

"The staff at CT West is always available to answer my questions on technical or operational issues. Their ability to understand and resolve issues from the customer's perspective is extremely rare in today's world. They are a valuable resource for me and for my customers."

Michael Kenney, PE, TE - President, Kenney Engineering
CT West continues to grow its product line, focusing on products that deliver cost effective solutions and provide unmatched quality and performance. We are very selective in the products that we elect to represent. Prior to taking on a new product line, CT West insists on a level of training that allows us to provide the highest level of support to our customers.
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