CT West Inc.
About CT West

CT West was started in May of 2011 to supply the Western United States with Intelligent Transportation Solutions or "Smart Highway Technology" products. The goal behind this venture was to provide the industry with a hands-on approach to service and support as well as years of industry knowledge. The current team, with a combined industry experience of 85 plus years, all started in the field as maintenance technicians with a "real world" approach and understanding of what happens day to day within our industry. This understanding brings the partner approach to solving customer's needs and requirements from the field to city council level.

The parent company, Control Technologies of Central Florida is based in Orlando. They have been in business providing these values and concepts for over 30 years to agencies east of the Rocky Mountains.

Mission Statement
To provide a valuable solution to the industry with technically advanced products and services
To be professional and courteous in our dealings with our customers and to be an industry partner by providing industry knowledge where needed.
To provide the service and support needed by our customers in a timely and efficient manner
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