CT West Inc.
Technical Support

CT West personnel can provide a wide range of technical support services to both agencies and consultants. Staff members bring a comprehensive set of experiences to the table and can assist customers with most of their technical issues.
Software/System Integration

The members of the CT West team have been involved in software installations and integration on projects spanning the country. CT West can offer more than 50 years of combined experience in software and system integration. This experience runs the spectrum from small projects to large multi-agency systems.
Field Surveys

With a wide range of field experience, CT West can provide valuable field surveys to assist its customers. These field surveys can include inventory, maintenance inspections, detector identification and analysis and recommended upgrade paths.
Project Technical Review

Working with both agencies and consultants, CT West can provide oversight of project technical specifications. This oversight can include review of project specifications and the project's scope of work. In addition, CT West can provide valuable insight into the latest national standards and the National ITS System Architecture.
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